Additional Case Studies

business issue

Both retail and B2B sales forces clung to the traditional high-tech industry's approach of selling wireless devices/service based upon features.

Identified needs of 17 specific vertical industries such as manufacturing, distribution, government, financial services, etc.

Mapped customer needs with existing and potential solutions for high revenue opportunities.

Developed customer sales force panel to test sales aids at various stages of development to help sales force understand and adopt solution based selling.

Developed store audits to gain first hand experience on customer and prospect acceptance and effectiveness of sales tools.

Panel also use by product management to assess enhanced features and pricing.

business application


Fine tuned mix of sales aids with respect to usage at various stages of selling process.

Worked with agency to adjust copy and format, as well as filling in holes within the sales aid inventory.

Drove sales force acceptance of solution selling thus increasing revenue opportunities and customer retention.

Case Study

Wireless Company - Solution Selling