The job doesn't end with the delivery of the report

For most research companies that statement isn't true.  With ResearchLink Partners absolutely is!  We go the extra "mile" in helping our clients fully understand research insights, the strategic ramifications of those insights and how to implement those strategies through ROI driven programs.  We believe that  it is our job to help our clients make money . . .

Program Development

Our consulting extends to program development assistance in many cases.  Our years of experience with all aspects of marketing as  clients and agency personnel have equipped us to uniquely understand how to translate insights into implementation.  We can work directly with your agency or internal resources to ensure that the strategic framework is properly executed.  We also develop measurement programs to ensure that the executions are on target and delivering the right message at the right stage of the sales process.

Program Evaluation  & Refinement

Our mantra is measurement, measurement, measurement. Virtually no marketing program is "perfect" from the start.  Measuring the ROI outcomes and making refinements drive profitability to higher levels and increase efficiency thus reducing operating costs.  Measurement and evaluation have to be designed into the program from the beginning and data religiously gathered to drive refinement.

Our Five Step Implementation Process

Over the years, we have boiled the implementation process down to five important steps.