Brand Health & Equity

Brands are the lifeblood of any company.  How well are your brands being managed?

Brand Positioning/Equity

Pinpoint the exact space in the customer's and prospect's mind that can be uniquely owned by your brand.

Volumetric Forecasting

What form factor and how much can I sell it for?  Using the latest techniques, we can assist with product development insight and optimal pricing.

Product/Price Optimization

What features should be included in a product or service?  What is the optimum price that should be charged for the product or service? 

Communications Assessment

Are your communications connecting with your customers and prospects?  Are they what your sales force needs?

Customer Loyalty/Retention

Customers are hard enough to get in the first place.  Retention research can help you keep the ones you have.


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Needs Identification

What do your customers and prospects want with respect to your products and/or services?  How do your current offerings stack up?

Market Segmentation

Creating targetable, action oriented segmentation and most importantly - providing implementation assistance.

Performance Measurement

How do you continuously monitor the effectiveness of your marketing and communication programs?