Strategic Planning/Program Development

More often than not, our strategic planning capability is tied to a specific research project or series of projects.  However, that isn't always the case.  Given the fact that our senior partners have over 70 plus years of experience working as both client and agency personnel, we have a depth of experience in strategic planning and program development.  Whether it is a brief or a complete plan that you need for a particular aspect of your business, we can "pinch hit" with respect to developing the plan or program.

Agency New Business Help

Many times over the years, we have been asked to assist senior level agency management with new business efforts.  Since both partners have been successful participants in literally dozens of agency new business pitches, we are more than happy to jump into the conference room with you and help to plan or write sections of a new business pitch for your agency.  We are also adept at quick turn research to supplement your new business efforts - whether that be secondary research acquisition or small proprietary studies.

Research is our primary business, but there is more . . .

Although we are in the business of research and all that entails, we also have other services that we offer to clients as the need arises.  Above all else we are marketers and understand . . .

Database Marketing

Database marketing has evolved over many years into a vast marketing discipline, using a raft of well proven methodologies to explore data and generate insight.  The insight which is unveiled can be aggregated, segmented and drilled down into, but is essentially based on creating an understanding of individual customers by enabling patterns to be recognized, explored and understood.  At ResearchLink Partners, we were among the pioneers in database marketing.  We have helped to build some of the largest databases in the world and utilized them on behalf of clients to execute literally hundreds of ROI driven marketing programs.  Many times in our work with clients, we find that one of the first steps in the "research process" is to analyze existing client data.  Our database analytic capabilities give us a leg up over competition in understanding the problem(s) that a client may be facing.  Coupled with our traditional research analytics, it is a powerful combination. 

Our background in database marketing also helps us to assist clients with creating "data driven" programs for their marketing efforts.  We can also help to define and execute the measurement programs that are required for successful database marketing programs, going beyond traditional quantitative measurement vehicles to using qualitative methodologies to drill down as to the "whys" that accompany customer behavior.

Sales and Marketing automation

SalesLink, a proprietary sales information system, is designed to enable sales reps to be more efficient by providing them comprehensive, up-to-the minute information on industry trends and factors, customer/prospect company news and insight, and access to the right marketing content at the right time in the decision process to help close sales faster.

SalesLink is not an “off-the-shelf” solution. Each aspect is specifically tailored for a client's business. All information is continually updated so the sales reps go into a customer or a prospect armed with the latest insights – information that is relevant for THAT sales contact. Reps don’t spend hours searching for the right information to present – they spend their time in front of prospects for closing business.

SalesLink's automation system consists of three components: