"I have worked with ResearchLink Partners for over 15 years. I value their ability to match the right research methodology with the results desired as well as their ability to conduct the study with accuracy and statistical integrity. With ResearchLink Partners, you get much more than a marketing researcher. You get professionals who can bring strategic insights from all of their past experience and their ability to understand consumer perceptions of your products, concepts and/or marketing programs.

ResearchLink Partners does not leave the picture once the research is complete. They become an integral sounding board for ideation, planning and decision making that occurs after we determine the direction that the brand needs to go. I would recommend ResearchLink to any marketing executive."

Greg Andrews

Sanus, a Division of Milestone AV Technologies

Vice President of Marketing

Lori Feld


President, West Region

"ResearchLink has been a longtime partner, yet always bring us a fresh perspective on how to solve problems using data and insight. I am always impressed with the perspective that the ResearchLink team provides, whether it’s a complex research study or a simple focus group. Their years and breadth of marketing experience and research make a significant difference in the results we achieve using their teams. We highly value their partnership."


Our EXPERIENCE runs deep . . .

as clients, within agencies and as research sUPPLIERS

Marketing research is a science and an art. We believe research that incorporates principals from both marketing and data analytics delivers the best insights. We assemble custom project teams with targeted and relevant expertise for each of our engagements. Our clientele appreciates the agility, speed, and cost effectiveness of our approach.

SEASONED Marketing consultants

For us, research is but a means to an end.  It must deliver actionable insights . . . not just data.

Once we have executive buy-in, we help our clients oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

Although research and the resulting strategy is our primary business, we also have capabilities that extend beyond.

ResearchLink Partners uses a wide variety of research methodologies to deliver key insights that will drive your company's sucess.

Special Projects

Strategic Marketing